PREZIO Health promises to provide quantifiable clinical, financial and operational improvements to each customer’s perioperative business.

The PREZIO Health team works side by side with a customer to define the necessary goals to improve their perioperative business.  Whether it is a quantitative goal, such as reducing the capital spent on surgical instruments, or a qualitative one, such as improving physician satisfaction rates, PREZIO Health will help establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitor them through its proprietary tracking process called Metrics Management™. Progress is then reported as part of PREZIO Health’s regularly scheduled Quality Partnership Reviews (QPRs).

“PREZIO Health has an unparalleled commitment to create sustainable improvements in the perioperative space.   Whether we are collaborating with a hospital to repair their endoscopic equipment or integrating a comprehensive perioperative service package, we listen, observe and bring to bear our experience in identifying key performance indicators that will deliver a return on investment.”

Gary  K. Stroud, RN, MSN Chief Clinical Officer, PREZIO Health

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